Master Paramedical Artist / Permanent Cosmetic Artist & Clinic Director

Hello my Lovely Clients and Future Clients,

My name is Tabitha a.k.a Ms. Taboo, and I am the Owner of INKspired Cosmetics. I am licensed as a Tattoo Artist in both Georgia and Florida, and currently holds advanced certifications in permanent make-up, cosmetic and medical tattooing, scar and burn camouflage therapies, as well as paramedical artistry. I am a fun-loving, energetic, and charismatic person who have always had a passion for beauty. I am passionate about providing every client the means to permanently enhance their natural beauty. 

I am dedicated to offering our patients the safest, most artistic application of permanent make-up. I wanted to find a way to help women and men feel more confident about themselves through the art of permanent make-up, surgical scars camouflage, 3D areola restoration, and scalp micropigmentation.


I am a Master Paramedical Artist / Permanent Cosmetic Artist with additional certifications in Microblading Eyebrow Artistry, 3D Areola Reconstruction,  Certification in Scar Camouflage,  Certification Scalp Micro-pigmentation, and  OSHA Certifcation in Disease Prevention and Control.


**Fun Facts: I love CAKE, some people call me SUNSHINE, Netflix & Chill is AMAZING, my motto is "Laughter is Good for the SOUL", and I truly believe in following your HEART